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December Parkrun.
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31/12/16 Dolgellau #46: Clive Edgington 21:17; Arfon Hughes 22:03 and Ben Wells 38:24.

Swindon #332:
Jeff Davies 21:42.
Dolgellau #45: Clive Edgington 21:41; Arfon Hughes 22:22 and Ricky Francis 23:22.

Swindon #331::
Jeff Davies 21:37.
Dolgellau #44: Clive Edgington 21:30; Arfon Hughes 22:08; Mpho Bogatsu 26:04 and Sioned Mair Jones 28:36.

Dolgellau #43:
Clive Edgington 21:24 and Jeff Davies 21:46.

North Beach #215:
Nich Bradley 23:11. Penrhyn #103: Tom Roberts 1st 16:47.
Dolgellau #42: Clive Edgington 21:24.

11/12/2016 Telford 10K.

telford 10k tom roberts 2016

Tom Roberts represented North Wales in the Telford 10km. Tom finished in 32:37. Tom said "Had a good day at the Telford 10km. A superb race with a huge depth of talent. The first 18 men all broke 30 minutes and the first 7 women all ran under 35 minutes."

11/12/2016 Aberystwyth 10km.

aber 10k 2016

Oh dear!
Eight Meirionnydd runners travelled South to Aberystwyth to run in the Aber 10k. Fist home was Gwion Roberts in 39:48 followed by Nicholas Bradley 1st M60 45:04; Graeme Stringer 48:26; Juliet Edwards 2nd F55 50:13; Peter Barnes 51:10; Mpho Bogatsu 53:06; Sioned Mair Jones 55:21 and Sheila Symonds 1:49:25.

gwion roberts aber 10k 2016 nich bradley aber 10k 2016 greame stringer aber 10k 2016
juliet edwards aber 10k 2016 peter barnes aber 10k 2016 mpho bogatsu aber 10k 2016
sioned jones aber 10k 2016 sheila symonds aber 10k 2016  

10/12/2016 Brecon Cross Country.

brecon xc jeremy randell 2016

Jeremy Randell represented North Wales at the the Welsh Inter regions Cross country in Brecon. Jeremy finished 36:42.

4/12/2016 Cardington Cracker fell race.

Jeremy Randell was the sole Meirionnydd runner in the classic Cardington Cracker fell race. He finished in 1:35:19.

cardington cracker jeremy randell 2016

November Parkrun.
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26/11/16 Colby #129: Jeff Davies 23:07.

Chipping Sodbury #138:
Jeff Davies 21:42.
Root 44 #183: Nich Bradley 23:45.
Dolgellau #40: Arfon Hughes 21:35, Clive Edgington 22:30.

Greenpoint #163:
Nich Bradley 22:27.
Dolgellau #39: Arfon Hughes 21:10, Sioned Mair Jones 27:48.

Swindon #325:
Jeff Davies 21:54.
Dolgellau #38: Dai Rice 28:15.

26/11/2016 Bangor North Wales Cross Country League.

steff owen bangor xc 2016

At the third race in the Cross country season. Again one short of a full team withon five meirionnydd runners turning up.
Their respective placings were:

tom roberts bangor xc 2016 jeremy randell bangor xc 2016 arfon hughes bangor xc 2016
clive edgington bangor xc 2016    
    After three race the league rankings in division 1 are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury 257
  2. Oswestry 545
  3. Eryri 782
  4. Buckley 869
  5. Gog Tri 1,268
  6. Colwyn Bay 1,320
  7. Meirionnydd 1,925
  8. Tattenhall 2,196

20/11/2016 Conwy Half Marathon.

Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the Conwy Half Marathon. First home and claiming 3rd M50 was Jeremy Randell in a time of 1:28:21. He was followed home by Gwion Roberts 1:33:36 and Tom Roberts 1:36:32.

jeremy randell conwy half 2016 gwion roberts conwy half 2016 tom roberts conwy half 2016

12/11/2016 Betws trail, Canicross 10k.

Jacqueline Fowler and Buster finished in 1:06:33 to claim 3rd F50 in the Betws trail, Canicross 10k.

cannicross betws trail 2016

5/11/2016 Rhobell fawr.

Rhobell fawr

The winner of this years Rhobell fawr Fell race was Gareth Wyn Hughes from Mercia Fell Runners who finished in a time of 51:37. To complete the double the first woman was Sarah Ridgeway again from Mercia Fell Runners who finished in 1:01:47.

Results here.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who help to make this race possible. Thank you.

5/11/2016 LLandudno North Wales Cross Country League.

llandudno xc 2016

At the second race in the Cross country season. We didn't have the full team, the five meirionnydd runners who turned up and their respective placings were:

    After two race the league rankings in division 1 are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury 139
  2. Oswestry 396
  3. Eryri 574
  4. Buckley 590
  5. Colwyn Bay 724
  6. Gog Tri 845
  7. Meirionnydd 1,373
  8. Tattenhall 1,378

30/10/2016 Abergele 5.
The Abergele 5 mile road race was again this year the Welsh Athletics North Wales Championship 5 mile race. The club had six runners in the race and came away with four championship medals. First home was Tom Roberts 28:47 followed by Jeremy Rabdell 31:33, Gwion Roberts 34:29, Graeme Stringer 39:27, Sioned Mair Jones 45:39 and Sheila Symond 1:16:20.

tom roberts abergele 5 2016 jeremy randell abergele 5 2016 gwion roberts abergele 5 2016
greame stringer abergele 5 2016 sioned jones abergele 5 2016 sheila symonds abergele 5 2016

29/10/2016 Snowdon Marathon.
Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the Brooks Snowdonia MArathon 2016. First to finish was Dylan Evans who finished in 3:52:03. He was followed home by Jude Evans finishing in 5:14:35 and big shout out of the day to Elly Downing who attempted a double marathon.

Pictures by Sports Pictures Wales.

dylan evans snowdon marathon 2016 jude evans snowdon marathon 2016 elly dee snowdon marathon 2016

Details below from Elly herself: Snowdonia Marathon Challenge 2016
Wow. What a weekend. Yesterday, at about 3.15am, waved off by the amazing Lisa, I set off on a reverse lap of the Eryri Marathon with Jilly, Gordon, Emma, Catherine and Jonny. On the way round, it was great to see the truly inspiring Duane in Waunfawr, and Trisha looking unbelievably comfortable at Nant Gwynant. Well done to these two and Karl on nailing the double, amazing people.
The reverse route seemed a little less challenging than the race route, but that didn't make the climb up to Pen y Pass from Nant Gwynant any easier (although easier than Snowdonia Trail route up that part).
Running down to Llanberis from Pen y Pass seemed to take forever, but it was fun seeing people's faces as the tried to work out what the heck we were doing! This was even more fun as we ran the opposite way through the start line and back into Llanberis as the keenest runners were getting ready to begin the race itself.

After only 2.5 hrs sleep on Friday night, I was more than ready to call it a day, have a shower and sleep in the back of the truck for a few hours. However, seeing so many familiar faces and getting so many supportive comments and friendly hellos really lifted my spirits and I had no doubt I'd carry on and give my tired legs more to complain about.
Jilly and I barely had time to change our clothes, restock our food and get the cup of tea we had been dreaming about for the last few miles. In fact, we were still in the cafe when the race started so made our way to the start line drinking our tea. We had to run for the start line as they were about to take up the timing mats, and we even had to chase the sweeper car. The sweeper soon realised what we were doing (and how slow we were) and went ahead of us to the 'next last'.
We plodded up Pen y Pass, joined by Sandra who had come to support us on the second lap. We particularly enjoyed comments from supporters asking if we'd been left behind, why we were late and why we were walking after only a few miles.
By the first drinks station, we realised that the vans clearing up and taking the mile markers down were just ahead of us. These guys became our saviours, waiting with water, gels and even packed lunches for us at regular intervals. We plodded on to Beddgelert, getting lots of support from passers by cheering and waving out of their car windows, and even some canoeists on the lake by the Copper Mine.
Although feeling quite positive through Beddgelert (pretty much the halfway point of our second lap), the long hill on the way out took its toll. Eventually, the mental battle was lost around Rhyd Ddu, when after a discussion with our clearing up crew, we admitted that at our painfully slow pace, we were likely to be up on the mountain in the dark (we'd left our headtorches in the car after the first lap) attempting a tough downhill on extremely tired legs. This was not a good idea, so we made the decision to bail out. We managed to plod on to about 19 miles before we got a chance phone signal and got whisked back to Llanberis by our knight in shining armour Ieuan.

So, no double marathon...but still...47 miles (second longest run) on a challenging route on 2.5 hrs sleep. It still feels like the DNF that it essentially is, but I'll take it and all the appreciation, inspiration, motivation and love it has brought. As ever, I wouldn't change a thing. Keep moving forward.

It was great to meet the lovely Andrea at breakfast this morning and get a selfie crossing the start line with SJ and Sandy (and my cup of tea!). Thanks to everyone who has posted and/or sent messages of support, clapped, waved, cheered, supported or spoke to us yesterday. Also a massive big up to the Eryri team, especially Matt Ward for everything you do, all the marshals, other volunteers and the wonderful clean-up team. Lastly thanks to Sandra, Ieuan, Mg, Tim and the girls for helping me recover in the best way possible."

October Parkrun.
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Dolgellau #37:
Clive Edgington 23:52.

Dolgellau #36:
1st Tom Roberts 16:48; Glyn Rowlands 22:54.

Worthing #18:
Jeff Davies 21:12.

Dolgellau #35:
Sioned Mair Jones 27:30.
Swindon #321: Jeff Davies 21:56.

23/10/16 Clwydian Hills Fell Race.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the final fell race in the WFRA North Wales Championship. Jeremy Randell finished in 1:33:14 and Nich finished in 1:44:50.
Congratulations to both, Final results in the Championship:
Jeremy Randell: 2nd M50.
Nich Bradley: 2nd M60.

Jeremy said "What a great race this is. I did a reccie last week and got lost twice in the mist, rain and gale force winds. Got the lines right today but just didn't have it in my legs. There were some very fast V50s on the course."

Nich said "Absolutely magic race, very fitting close to the championship. Lots of running and some challenging steep ups and downs. I felt very underdressed at the start in my vest, nearly everyone was in long sleeves just me and a couple of others with their carers. However on with the Banzai Buff and gloves and I was just right after the first 2 hills!
I was surprised by the long steady run up to the ridge and my recce on Wednesday was a waste of time as everyone seemed to have worked out that limbo dancing the barbed wire was the way up through the gorse doh!
Never done it before so have no idea of what I "should" have done, but I felt pretty good and not a hint of cramp so things are looking up! Pity you couldn't stop to pick up your M50 race and champs prizes."

Photos by SJPhotography.
Photos by John Heppenstall.

clwydian hills 2016 clwydian hills jeremy randell 2016

23/10/16 Flintshire 10k.

Steffan Owen ran in the Flintshire 10k finishing in a time of 43:35.

It appears that he's managed to claim 3rd place in the F35 category.

Photo by Miss Randell.

flint 10 steff owen 2016

16/10/16 Aberystwyth Twin peaks .

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the race. First home was Nich Bradley in 59:58 followed by Greame Stringer in 1:07:44.

Photos S.Wride.

twin peaks nich bradley 2016 twin peaks aber greame stringer 2016

15/10/16 Palme de Mallorca Half Marathon .

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the race.

Both Jacqueline and Haydn Fowler finished in 2:31:54.

mallorca half Jacqueline fowler 2016 mallorca half haydn fowler 2016

15/10/16 North Wales Cross Country League, Mold .

mold xc 2016

At the first race in the Cross country season. We didnt have the full team of six and there was no representation in the women's race. The five meirionnydd runners who turned up and their respective placings were:

    After one race the league rankings in division 1 are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury 55
  2. Buckley 197
  3. Oswestry 238
  4. Colwyn Bay 410
  5. Eryri 418
  6. Gog Tri 419
  7. Tattenhall 664
  8. Meirionnydd 744

8/10/16 Trefriw Mill Race.

The re-run of a race run in 1996. Formerly titled the Pedol Crafnant, the race, whilst thoroughly enjoyed by many was never re-run for a number of reasons. Twenty years later the race is reborn as the Trefriw Mill Race, and included in the WFRA North Wales Series.
At 10.5 miles, and covering some testing terrain, the race was advertised as experience required. Fortunately runners were blessed with perfectly still and cool conditions which made it less arduous, but even so one or two still found to the route a bit tricky. The race covers exposed ridge, bog, rough descents and lakeside banks, before the final twisting paths back down to the village.

Two Meirionnydd Runners ran Trefriw Mill Race.First home was Jeremy Randell 2nd M50 in 2:00:13 followed by Nich Bradley 2nd M60 in 2:24:01.

Photos by SJPhotography

trefriw mill jeremy randell 2016 trefriw mill Nich bradley 2016  

8/10/16 Petzl Night Trail Wales.

The Petzl Night Trail Wales is a race with a difference!
Imagine a runnable 3-4km route, not too technical, with enough elevation to sort out the runners. Imagine a race that starts in the dusk of an Autumn Saturday evening, and ends in full darkness. Imagine an event with a real party atmosphere, with a DJ, bar, hot food and a race arena lit up with flood lights.
As you can imagine too, head torches are mandatory kit for the race and there will be a sea of head lights winding their way through the trails throughout the evening.

Sorry but i have no idea how to work the times out, the following Meirionnydd runners took part:
Steve Loveluck, Anneliese Loveluck, Tom Roberts, Steffan Owen, Tristan Evans, Ben Wells, Jude Evans, Haydn Fowler, Jacqueline Fowler and Elly Downing.

Steve won his category M50 and Annelise finished 3rd lady overall and 1st F40.

Tristan said “Well done to the #goldengoats finish 4th in the team event. Well done everyone. And a big thank you to Matt Ward great event" The team comprised of Tristan Evasn, Tom Roberts and Steffan Owen.


petzl night trail goats team 2016

2/10/16 Hanney 5.

Jeff Davies ran in the Hanney 5 finishing in a time of 34:23.

September Parkrun.
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Dolgellau #33:
Arfon Hughes 23:13.

Chipping Sodbury #129:
Jeff Davies 21:15.

Swindon #318:
Jeff Davies 21:32.

25/9/16 Trailffest.

Tom Roberts said "Fun day at trailfest today. Starts off with a nice train journey to the start, then run back on possibly the toughest trail half marathon around, and a strong head wind making it tiring.! I finished second, and great runs from Dylan Evans and Jude Evans who smashed her previous time from last year. Would be nice to have more goats taking it on next year. Totally recommend it! Now time for a beer!!"

You tube video here.

traifffest tom roberts 2016

19/9/16 St John's Castle.

Jeremy said "King John's Castle a 4.6 mile race starting in Lanarmon yn Ial with 865ft of climbing. Starting and finishing at the Raven pub (which is run by the locals). The day was glorious but the hills were punishing! I got lost twice on the was back to the village (not seriously) but still managed to pull off 1st V50. A very welcome bowl of soup and hunk of bread greeted us at the finish. The race, organised by John Lindley, raised £150 for mountain rescue."

Jeremy finished 1st M50 in 44:07.

18/9/16 La ronde ceretane.

france trip pete nicholls 2016

Nich Bradley said "Well now we know why this one of RunnersWorld top 10 French races! Superb organisation. Beautiful warm sunny location £20 from Brum and a great choice of events.

None of the goats tempted by yesterday's colour run ( blues good enough) but the goatherds all deserted their supporters posts to do the Randonnee a supervised climb up through the woods via a variety of local food and drink stations achieving the return trip within the allotted time and without falling off any cliffs despite early morning wine! The same fate was on offer to the runners but the thought of stopping for some Catalan Sausage at 13k was too difficult- perhaps we missed the point!

After a massed start of 1500 runners sharing a run down wide roads then up through progressively old and narrow streets then onto the steep mountain road, Graeme Stringer (6k race) peeled off right to follow a serpentine tarmac route back to the crowded town centre. Juliet Edwards, Peter Nicholls and Nich Bradley carried on up with the 649 doing 2 9k laps to complete the 20k. The big hill was just runable and was followed by a fast gravel road gently descending away from town leaving about 3k of tarmac which gradually got steeper and steeper before a dip into town and off for lap 2 or the sprint in front of the excellent museum of modern art to finish in front of the Town Hall.

Huge crowds and loads of bands and roads covered in colour. Single minded runners catered for at the end with more local food and wine. Highly recomended!

Website La ronde cérétane.

In the
6k: Graeme Stringer finished in 32:33 318
20k: Nich Bradley finished in 1:37:04 followed by Juliet Edwards in 1:52:26 and Peter Nicholls in 1:56:51.

france nich bradley 2016 france trip juliet edwards 2016 france trip greame stringer 2016

11/9/16 Vyrnwy Half Marathon.

Two Meirionnydd Runners ran in the Vyrnwy Half Marathon. First home was Sioned Jones in 1:58:09 followed by Sheila Symonds in 3:37:45.

Dywedodd Sioned "Wwp, wwp ... falch iawn o fedru rhedeg1/2 marathon Llyn Efyrnwy ar ol problem gyda'n ffer wythnos diwethaf ! Gwell fyth cal pb!"

Sioned siad "Woop, woop ... glad to have been able to run Lake Vyrnwy half marathon after a problem with my ankle last week! Better still a pb!"

Photos by Mick hall Photos

vyrnwy half sioned jones 2016 vyrnwy half sheila symonds 2016

11/9/16 Cyrn y Brain.

Jeremy Randell ran in Cyrn y brain fell race finishing in 55:47.

cyrn y brain jeremy randell 2016

4/9/16 Caernarfon 10k.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran the North Wales Championship 10k race at Caernarfon. Forst home was Sioned Jones in a time of 54:07 followd by Sheila Symonds 1:40:30.

caernarfon 10k sioned jones caernarfon 10k sheila symonds 2016  

4/9/16 Compressport Trail 10k.

Compressport Trail 10k Wales brings the same great organisation, atmosphere and route, designed by runners for runners, over a stunning and runnable 10km route on the iconic trails of Coed y Brenin.
First Meirionnydd runner home was Tristan Evans in 43:26 followed by Steve Loveluck 48:26; Steffan Owen 49:33; Anneliese Loveluck 51:35; Jacqueline Fowler 01:09:08; Haydn Fowler 1:12:50; Elly Downing 01:13:44 and Jude Evans PaceSetter.
Photos by Sportpictures Cymru

compress 10k trail tristan evans 2016 compress 10k trail steve love 2016 compress 10k trail steff 2016
compress 10k trail annalise 2016 compress 10k trail j fowler 2016 compress 10k trail haydn 2016
compress 10k trail elly 2016 compress 10k trail jude 2016

August Parkrun.
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Swindon #316:
Jeff Davies 21:48.
Harborough #71: Ben Wells 23:19.
Penrhyn #90: Tom Roberts 1st 16:39.

Gnoll #41:
Jeff Davies 22:23.

Penrhyn #88:
Tom Roberts 1st 17:11.
Dolgellau #27: Ben Wells 24:06 & Sioned Mair Jones 28:25.

Dolgellau #26:
1st Tom Roberts 17:11.
Edinburgh #353: Nich Bradley 21:28.

24/8/16 Cnicht.

Nich said "Great race up Cnicht yesterday. It was quite slippy on the rocks after the previous night's rain but it stayed dry if misty and was very atmospheric. I was 2nd M60 in 54:58 a good 4 minutes behind a Mercia runner whose prize I was mistakenly awarded (got to keep as second M60 this time:-), Tristan and Jeremy needless to say were considerably faster as was Ifan, who it was good to see back on the fells and was leading when he passed me but was narrowly beaten by a NWRR chap."
Tristan Evans:45:24,
Jeremy Randell:51:44
Nich Bradley: 54:58.

24/8/16 Caernarfon 5k.

caernarfon 5k 2016

Four Meirionnydd runners participated in the Caernarfon 5k. The race Winner in 1st place was Tom Roberts in a time of 16:13. He was followed home by Nich Bradley in 21:35; Greame Stringer in 23:14 and Rob Thomas in 31:14.

Photos by Gareth Roberts.

caernarfon 5k 2016 2

20/8/16 Run to the Castle.

Run to the Castle 2016

When I did this race, as my first ultra distance, in December, the conditions weren't great. I was on my own pretty much all day and I bailed at CP4. I'd run further and longer than I ever had before. When I turned up at the finish, in the car, Denzil still gave me a medal. He said I'd earned it. I was really pleased, but felt I needed to complete the race myself.

So I signed up for the summer version, and did a couple reccies of particular parts with Sandra, who'd completed the race last summer. I'd also managed to rope in first Jilly and then Sue to run with me, hoping that good company, daylight and route confidence would help me through.
It did. Sue and Jilly were the awesome race buddies. Sue's longest race, her first end to end ultra, with a sore knee to contend with too, proved that she is truly hard as nails (as if we didn't know that already). Jilly is the ultra queen, I always know I'm going to have a good run with Jilly, and hope that I at least manage to keep her entertained along the way!

The forecast was horrendous, 50mph winds, rain etc. However, it wasn't horrendous. My waterproof was on and off, I wasn't cold and the wind felt more a help than a hindrance for sizeable sections of the race, depending which way we were heading.

The sea was very lively at the start, I was thigh deep in the sea before the first mile was complete, skirting along the tideline. Twywn prom provided a relief from the sand and pebbles, but not the wet feet. Dodging crashing waves through a particularly wild section.

The inland section took us to CP1 to meet Denzil again, before heading back out to the shore on the road against the wind and up the hill. This section saw a surprise appearance from the lovely Sue Bonsall, with Ceri B and friends, off on a walk. Sue reminded me that we'd also bumped into each other towards the end of my recce of the first half!!
I was glad of my experience once we got onto the off road section on the hill, the group just in front of us made the same mistake is made in December, so we caught up some ground for a short time. We felt good at CP2 in Llwyngwril, quite a few people were there, a morale-boosting contrast to December, when I was completely on my own.

Soon we'd negotiated the big hill, and found the correct way down (helping others in front of us who'd miss the turn!!) to see Paula on the way down and Christine and Kevin (armed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - my absolute favourite). Chris and Kev ran with us through Fairbourne and along the dyke.

We slowly made our way across Barmouth Bridge in the wind. I've been over that bridge a fair few times, not many that windy. A change of socks thanks to Olly and Harry bringing our bags down, just missing the rain shower that greeted us before we'd run down the harbour.

After CP3 at the other end of Barmouth prom, we kept on plodding on along the road and through the fields and caravan parks (again, much easier in daylight, with company and with practice). The Wales Coast path gas recently changed at this point. We found some of it, but still ended up on the old bit for a while. Something to check out at a later date.
It was great to get to CP4 to see Katy knowing that wasn't where I was finishing this time (she'd locked the car anyway), and onto beach number 2 to Shell Island. After this it got tough for me, my feet hurt and I didn't even think about fuelling. Not eating or drinking regularly on a long run makes me grumpy and negative, and this lasted for a mile or so.
The steps down to Harlech beach almost broke me, and clambering over the rocks at the bottom did not agree with my poor painful feet. However, as soon as we paddled through the incoming tide and got onto the large expanse of flat sand, I was ok. I knew we were almost done and my mood lifted. The three of us sang most of the way up the road to the finish.
An awesome day, a tough race, quite challenging (but not horrendous) conditions, great support and lovely company.

Elly finished in 12:11:18.

20/8/16 Race the train, Tywyn.

Six Meirionnydd runners ran in the Race the train races at Tywyn in the Rotary Challenge (14 miles) the first home was: Alex lanz 1:30:50 followed by:
Steve Loveluck 1:56:54
Anneliese Loveluck 1:59:05
Dylan Evans 2:01:56
Jude Evans 2:45:49

In the Quarry challenge (10k) Ben Wells finished in 57:04.

race the train 2016 ben wells

19/8/16 Maldwy trail race .

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the Neil Howells Memorial race, described as a scenic and multi-terrain 4.5 mile race beginning at the Montgomery Show Ground, up to and around the Castle and finishing in front of the Town Hall.
This race is organised by Maldwyn Harriers.

Tom Roberts finished in 2nd place in a time of 28:04 and Greame Stringer in 40:48.

neil howells tom roberts 2016 neil howells greame stringer 2016

10/8/16 Yeovilton 5k.

Jeff Davies ran in the Yeovilton 5k finishing in 20:46 claiming 1st age cat.

3/8/16 Ponderosa Fell race.

Tristan Evans went along to the ponderosa fell race finishing in a time of 29.13, 1 minute faster than last year.

July Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Chipping Sodbury #122:
Jeff Davies 21:17.
Jersey #43: Elly Downing 32:58.

Chipping Sodbury #121:
Jeff Davies 21:41.

Dolgellau #22:
Sioned Mair Jones 28:34.

Dolgellau #21:
Tom Roberts 17:21 and Dai Rice 27:50.

24/7/16 Snowdonia trail Marathon.

Three Meirionnydd runners travelled to LLanberis to run in the Snowdonia Trail races. Website details here: Snowdonia Trail Marathon.

In the Half marathon Steve loveluck finished in 2:33:04 and Anneliese Loveluck finished 2nd F40 in 2:36:28.

snowdonia trail half Loveluck 2016

And Elly Downing ran in the full marathon.
Elly siad "Nearly didn't go...had lost my mojo and really hadn't done much running. However, some very lovely and inspiring people helped me to get my self-belief back, and by the time I got to the start line this morning, I was soooo excited and totally in the zone, mentally if not physically.
I knew it would be tough, but I also knew it would be epic. I wasn't wrong on either count.
I started at the back, took it slow and gradually worked my way out of what I thought was last place. I stopped counting when I'd overtaken about 20 others in total. I know it doesn't really matter, but it helped my motivation and gave me something to work for. Other runners and marshals were friendly and supportive. I ran on my own, which is fine, but it didn't feel like I was on my own, there were so many people out there on the mountain, even in the awful weather.
Up high, it was very wet and very misty. I'm taking that as a bonus...I couldn't see how far we'd climbed and scrambled. I knew it would be tough, but I didn't know how well I'd cope with the toughness. I was a little (OK a lot) scared of the PYG track at 20 miles, but I just dug in (for what seemed like forever). I wasn't sure I'd be able to run down, but I did...all the way, that was awesome!!
Great route, great organisation and great to have really special people waiting to see me finish after they'd all been finished ages!
No blisters, possible black toenails but not sure if they were there already, minimal chaffing this time thank goodness. Typing this with my legs in the air in the hope I'll be able to get out of bed in the morning.
Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported me.
Oh and the technical bits...chip time 8.00.25 (sub8 next year then...might even train!), 27.7 miles, 5,306ft elevation."

snowdonia marathon elly dee 2016

23/7/16 Dolgellau 5 miles.

A big thank you to this years race sponsors Guthrie, Jones and Jones.

dol5 2016 start

Thank you also to all the participant for joining us to make the day so special.The sun shone and we had a wonderful race. Two clubs in particular merit a special thank you for supporting the race: Maldwyn Harriers with 22 runners and Prestatyn Running club with 21 runners.

This years winner of the Dolgellau 5 Mile road race was Gary Wyn Davies from Aberystwyth Athletics Club in a time of 28:01 and the first lady home was Amie Bagnall from Prestatyn Running Club who finished in a time of 33:51.

    New race records inculded:
  • Junior female: Jenna Bagnall 39:56; Prestatyn Running Club.
  • M60: David Davies 31:35; Brecon.
  • F65: Rose Thomas 43:15; Rhaeadr Running club.
  • M70: John Evans 42:01; Aberystwyth Athletic club.

Dolgellau 5 Race Results: Here.
Age category results: here.

Winners of the children's race:
1mile race: 1st place to Liam Martin 4.18 and 2nd place to Callum Martin in 4.32.
2mile race: 1st place Oliver Jones in 9.24 and 2nd place to Owain Thomas 13.05
Well done everybody who took part today.

    Nine Meirionnydd runners ran:
  1. Tom Roberts 2nd 28:29
  2. Arfon Hughes 35:26
  3. Steffan Owen 36:16
  4. Glyn Rowlands 37:35
  5. Andrew Yates 37:50
  6. Graeme Stringer 39:20
  7. Ben Wells 40:44
  8. Peter Nicholls 41:37
  9. Sioned Mair Jones 47:21
dol5 tom roberts 2016 dol5 steff owen 2016 dol5 greame stronger 2016
dol5 ben wells 2016    

We couldn't do it without the dedicated team behind the scene. Contributing their time sorting route signs, registration, setting up the start/finish, making the medals, arranging the BBQ etc.
You are all wonderful, thank you so much for your help.

16/7/16 Snowdon International Mountain Race.

Three Meirionnydd runners took on the challenge of 2016 Snowdon International Mountain race at LLanberis. First home was Tristan Evans in 1:28:14; next came Dylan Evans in 1:43:29 and Andrew Yates in 1:44:05.
Photos at finish by Gareth Roberts.

snowdon tristan evans 2016 snowdon dylan evans 2016 snowdon andrew yates 2016
snowdon 2016
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20/7/16 Ras y tren 5k, Caernarfon.

Well done Tom Roberts & Graeme Stringer who ran Ras y Tren at Caernarfon.

Tom finished 3rd overall in a time of 15:41 and Graeme finished in the top 100 (99th) in a time of 23:37.

ras y tren caernarfon tom roberts 2016 ras y tren caernarfon greame stringer 2016

10/7/16 London 10k.

Jacqueline and Haydn Fowler ran in the London 10k finishing in 53:37 and 1:01:21.

london 10k fowler 2016

9/7/16 Alva.

Nich said "Sad to report despite your chair's best efforts Kenny Stuart's 1981 record for the Alva hill race still stands, or if it doesn't I wasn't anywhere near the field to see it beaten.
Pen Dinas and Penmaenmawr 3 hills are mandatory training for this 1.6m madness. At least the 3 hills tames the fabled gorse here- the Scots run round the stuff!
Sadly nothing prepared me for the downhill arsending, which through trampled bracken led to overheating of a part of my anatomy usually reckoned best kept cool!
The fast guys didn't seem to run any of the downhill! My hat comes off for the guy in the kilt- and the one on an arm crutch - seriously!
We are pleased with the tradition of our races but these games, including the fell race are in their 160th year! Lots of races on the field at the bottom, including road bikes doing track races on the grass! Resisted temptation to toss a caber or fling a weight back over my head over a pole vault jump. Pleased to be in 1 piece."

Nich finished in a time of 34:05.

alva 2016
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3/7/16 Penbedw trail race.

Steffan Owen ran in the Penbedw trail 10k finishing in a time of 51:03.
Details of the race here.

penbedw steff owen 2016

2/7/16 Moel Siabod.

Steve Loveluck ran in the Moel Siabod fell race, finishing in a time of 1:10:38.
Photos by Sports Pictures Cymru.

moel siabod steve loveluck 2016

1/7/16 Newtown bbq 5k.

Sheila Symonds was the sole Meirionnydd runner finishing 1st F80 in 46:20.

June Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #20:
Tom Roberts 17:20.

Dolgellau #19:
Clive Edgington 20:31.

Dolgellau #18:
Arfon Hughes 20:33, Clive Edgington 20:37,and Frankie Vaughan 24:57.

Dolgellau #17:
Clive Edgington 20:22, Arfon Hughes 21:37, Glyn Rowlands 23:35, Mpho Bogatsu 26:33, Sioned Mair Jones 27:52 and Dai Rice 28:23.

26/6/16 Moel Y Gamelin.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran. First Home was Trystan Evans in 1:25:04 followed by Andrew Yates in 1:41:51.

moel gamelin 2016

25/6/16 Runfest Wales Rhyl 5k.

Two Meirionnydd runners travelled to sunny Rhyl for the Runfest Wales Rhyl 5K. First home was Arfon Hughes in 2nd M45 in 20:08 and Sheila Symonds following in 47:31 to claim 1st F80.

rhylfest 5k arfon hughes 2016 rhylfest 5k sheila symonds 2016  

18/6/16 Moel Hebog.

Andrew Yates was the sole Meirionnydd runner in the Moel Hebog fell race, finishing in 1:20:30.

moel hebog andrew yates 2016

18/6/16 Trail marathon Wales.

In the Half Marathon six Meirionnydd runners took part. First home was Dylan Evans 1:56:02 followed by Steffan Owen 1:59:03; Anneliese Loveluck 2:02:55; Steve Loveluck 2:03:02; Jacqueline Fowler 2:53:33 and Haydn Fowler 2:54:54.
Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the Full Marathon. First home was John H.Taylor in 05:04:03 followed by Nicola Rees in 05:11:33.

Photos by Sport pictures Wales here.

tmw half dylan evans 2016 tmw half steff owen 2016 tmw half a loveluck 2016
tmw half s loveluck 2016 tmw half j fowler 2016 tmw half haydn fowler 2016

15/6/16 Deiniolen 10k .

The sole Meirionnydd runner was Tom Roberts who claimed 1st by winning the race in 36:39.

Photos by Cader sports photos here.

deiniolen 10k tom roberts 2016

12/6/16 Pedol Cwm Pennant.

Two meirionnydd runners ran in the Pedol Cwm Pennant. Jeremy Randell was first home in 3:32:32 followed by Nich Bradley in 3:58:18.

Nich commented "Good points, still alive, all joints function in correct direction. Was doing (too) well over Hebog and down to the mines where I got the first hint of cramp, Climbing up from there people started to overtake.
Some respites on the downhills and the odd glimpse reminded what a spectacular ridge Nantlle is. Seemed to be improving over Tal y Mignedd, but the climb up Craig Cwm Silyn did for me properly, and pace dropped from slow to imperceptible as I got cramp firstly in the usual places then places I didn't know had muscles, then places I didn't know were places!
At least it made sure I didn't hurry the heather and boulder random descent of Cwm Cipwrth, the path below the checkpoint was better than expected though and I actually got past one or two of the people who had been quite concerned for me on the tops.
Settling down for a couple of miles of tarmac to end with would have finished me, but I ran back with Emma Collins, I think, of Denbigh and with her encouragement we hurried to make the 4 hour mark, with me running the last climbing 400mtres with quads and calves again locked! So much for my training plan of short hard runs, good rest before and lots of gels - doesn't work! 13/15 M60 and 199/23+, at the mines I was with 3:35 finishers so all disappointing but still a great race over magnificent terrain and by evening I was glad I'd done it; today Im thinking next year I'll get it right!"

pedol cwm penant 2016

11/6/16 Dysynni Trail Fest Challenge.

In the 10k Steffan Owen finished 2nd Senior in 45:52 followed by Steve Loveluck 1st M40 in 45:54 and Anneliese Loveluck 1st F40 46:57.
In the 15k race Haydn Fowler finished in 1:38:44 and Jacqueline Fowler finished with Buster in 1:40:19.

dysynni trail fest 2016

8/6/16 Yeovilton 5k.

Jeff Davies ran in the Yeovilton 5k finishing 2nd M65 in 20:43.

5/6/16 Llandegla 12k trail race.

Four Meirionnydd runners ran in the 12k race in LLandegla forest. Dylan Evans was first home claiming 3rd M50 in 1:04:23 followed by Steffan Owen 01:08:24; Haydn Fowler 1:27:42 and Jude Evans 1:28:10.
In the Llandegla CaniX Jacqueline Fowler and Buster finished 2nd F50 in 01:26:09.

llandegla 12k dylan evans 2016 llandegla 12k steff owen 2016 llandegla 12k haydn fowler 2016
llandegla canix buster 2016    

5/6/16 Gregynog Trail Race.

Sheila Symonds ran in the Maldwyn Harriers Gregynog trail race finishing 1st F80 in 1:31:00.

4/6/16 Wincle Trout Run.

Jeremy Randell ran in the Wincle Trout Run organised by Macclesfiled harriers. Jeremy finished in 44:12. Jeremy said “Tough 5 mile trail race in outrageous temperatures! Came in 41st out of 300 - 6th V50. Anyway enjoyed the WI tea & cake, the traction engines, the trout (!) we got at the end of the race and the dip in the river!”

wincle trout 2016 jeremy randell

4/6/16 Abersoch 10k.

Tom Roberts and Graeme Stringer ran in the Abersoch 10k. Fist home was Tom in 36:08 and Graeme finished in 54:11.

Tom said "Been a cracking day in abersoch for the 10k. Tropical conditions made it tough going and after a hards week work was glad to just finish!! Was chuffed with 7th in a class field. Also well done Graeme Stringer for getting round and as always enjoying it!! Celebrate with pizza and beer!"

Abersoch 10k 2016

May Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

New 28/5/16
Dolgellau #16:
Arfon Hughes 20:23, Clive Edginton 20:27, Ricky Francis 21:23 and Sioned Mair Jones 27:36.
Chipping Sodbury #114: Jeff Davies 21:01.

Dolgellau #14:
1st Tom Roberts 18:50; Arfon Hughes 20:38; Clive Edgington 20:45; Sioned Mair Jones 20:48 and Mpho Bogatsu 29:15.

Dolgellau #13:
Arfon Hughes 20:41 and Clive Edgington 21:01.
Chipping Sodbury #112: Jeff Davies 21:18.

31/5/16 3 hills, tuesday night midweek series.

Nich Bradley said "Lovely evening for the Penmaenmawr 3 hills. Hot, steep and prickly as usual. Note for next year - lots of people in gardening gloves -but those with palm protection and lightweight backs discovered that you tend to romp(!) up the steep gorse on your knuckles not your palms! Really fast grass track down repays the suffering. Stunning scenery."
Time 39:59.

3 hills 2016

28/5/16 Edinbrough Marathon Festival 10k.

Tom Roberts travelled north to run in the EMF 10k. Tom finished 4th in 35:03.

edinbrugh emf 10k tom roberts 2016

23/5/16 Ras y Gader.

finished cader 2016

Ten Meirionnydd runners took on this years Cader challenge. Excellent effort by all.
Photos thanks to Andy Evans, Peter Barnes and Babs.
Runners times at summit and end were:

  1. Tristan Evans summit 01:05:24-finish 01:48:23
  2. Dylan Evans summit 01:11:20-finish 01:59:04
  3. Andrew Yates summit 01:16:40-finish 02:06:23
  4. Steve Loveluck summit 01:19:42-finish 2:11:01
  5. Anneliese Loveluck summit 01:21:08-finish 02:12:02
  6. Glyn Rowlands summit 01:21:12-finish 02:20:38
  7. Juliet Edwards 3rd F50, summit 01:26:33-finish 02:24:38
  8. Kevin Evans summit 01:35:40-finish 02:38:08
  9. Dai Rice summit 01:35:30-finish 02:49:59
  10. Mpho Bogatsu summit 01:44:47-finish 03:02:05
ras y gader 2016 tristan edwards ras y gader 2016 dylan evans ras y gader 2016 andrew yates
ras y gader 2016 steve loveluck ras y gader 2016 analese loveluck ras y gader 2016 glyn rowlands
ras y gader 2016 juliet edwards ras y gader 2016 kevin evans ras y gader 2016 dai rice
ras y gader 2016 mpho bogatsu    

New 23/5/16 Ffrith 5k.

Two Meirionnydd runners travelled to Prestatyn for the Ffrith 5k which incorporated the 5k North Wales Championship. Clive Edginton finished 1st M60 in 20:00 also claiming Gold in the North Wales Championship.
Arfon finished in 19:54.

Photos by SJ photography

ffrith 5k 2016 Clive  edginton ffrith 5k 2016 arfon hughes

15/5/16 Powis 10k trail.

Elly Dee was the sole Meirionnydd runner at Dolly Mixtures' Powis 10k Trail race. Elly finished in 1:11:07
Elly said "Love trail running. Challenging 10k around a new route, beautiful views. Great support, friendly faces, fantastic organisation and nice bling. Home, run and back within 3.5 hours. What's not to love?"

powis 10k trail elly dee 2016

15/5/16 Chester half marathon.

Pete Nicholls ran in the Chester half marathon finishing in 2:00:25.
Pete said "If i hadn't stopped to talk to Mrs Nicholls on the way i would have finished under 2 hours".

chester half pete nicholls 2016

14/5/16 Moel Eilio.

In this the Third race in the WFRA North Wales Championship, the second in the Welsh Open Championship and the FRA Inter-Counties Championship two Meirionnydd runners participated. First home was Jeremy Randell who finished in 1:23:12 and Nich Bradley in 1:31:35.

Jeremy said "Blooming heck that was a tough run! A huge field started (and presumably finished) the race as it was a NW counter and also an Inter Counties Race. The weather was fantastic - for sitting in the garden but perhaps a tad warm for running/walking around the hills. It is amazing how one can forget all about the steep bits in a race; I soon became intimately reacquainted them!
A grand day out."

Nich said "If ever you ask yourself why you go fell running - and I spend the first half of most races thinking nothing else - Moel Eilio today was the answer! What a day! A big field with some incredible runners there doing the English inter counties champs. A privilege to line up behind them. Then Moel Eilio, some of the best fell running terrain anywhere, long steady climbs swooping grassy ridges and the long steep descent from Cynghorion.
All on a perfect day - the views were so spectacular I nearly stopped! Bright sun, the sky so blue, the ridges so sharp, I don't know how far we could have seen if I had looked around. The cool breeze was ideal and on the stern quarter for a lot of the time so that with a big field to guarantee competition throughout I managed to take 9 minutes off my last try. A day to treasure."

Pictures by

moel eilio jeremy randell 2016 moel eilio nich bradley 2016  

10/5/16 Moel y Gest.

Nich Bradley ran in the Pen Dinas fell race, the 6th race in the Tuesday Night series. Nich finished in 50:38.

Nich said "Very wet and slippy on Moel y Gest tonight. Heavy rain just at the start didn't help. Glad I didn't wear a waterproof though cos it eased off and was quite warm. Shoe lace came undone again, beginning to think it isn't me but the laces."

moel y gest nich bradley 2016

8/5/16 Up Hill Down Dale - Crogen Estate.

Two Meirionnydd runners at Crogen.
In the 14k race, Haydn Fowler finished in 1:51:26.
And in the Canicross Jaqueline Fowler and Buster finished in 1:49:59.

Jaqueline said "It was a fantastic event. Buster and I were almost last in canicross but great to hear the Welsh and English welcome to the finish line and announced as the mrc canicross contingency.
Graeme Stringer need to get vests for dogs. So looking forward to next event in coed llandega in a few weeks."

crogen 14k haydn fowler 2016
crogen canix jaqueline fowler 2016

4/5/16 Rhos tryfan 10k.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the Rhos Tryfan 10k.
Greame Stringer said "Fun Wednesday evening trip out to the Rhostryfan 10k road race - first 2 miles uphill, then so much downhill it seemed it would never end. One to highly recommend for next year. Tom Roberts Won the race in 35.31 and he wasn't too cold when I chugged over the line in 50.04.........just as well it was sunny.

3/5/16 Pen Dinas.

Nich Bradley ran in the Pen Dinas fell race, the 5th race in the Tuesday Night series. Nich finished in 36:23.

April Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #12:
Arfon Hughes 20:57; Peter Barnes 25:46 and Sioned Mair Jones 27:37.

Dolgellau #11:
1st Tom Robets 17:54; Arfon Hughes 21:32 and Sioned Mair Jones 27:39
Swindon #300: Jeff Davies 23:05.

Dolgellau #10:
1st Tom Roberts 17:23; Branwen Rhys Dafydd 25:18; Dai Rice 26:50 and Sioned Mair Jones 28:01.

Dolgellau #9:
Ricky Francis 20:40; Clive Edgington 20:45; Arfon Hughes 21:52; Keith Williams 24:53; Sioned Mair Jones 28:12 and Mpho Bogatsu 33:24.
Edinburugh #336: Nich Bradley 21:23

Dolgellau #8:
1st Tom Roberts 17:31; Clive Edgington 20:41; Ricky Francis 21:00; Arfon Hughes 21:54 and Dai Rice 27:47.
Pomphery hill #111: Jeff Davies 22:32.
Edinburgh #335: Nich Bradley 21:36.

30/4/16 Wrexham 10 mile and North Wales Road Championship.

Tom Roberts was the sole Meirionnydd runner at the Wrexham 10 mile road race which also included the North Wales 10 mile Roead Championship. Tom finished 2nd in a time of 56:29 claiming silver in North wales championship.

30/4/16 LLangynhafal loop.

Nich S Two Meirionnydd runners ranin the race. First home was Nich Bradley 2nd 57:05 followed by our second runner Juliet Edwards who claimed 2nd F50 by finishing in 1:06:43.

aid "Great to see Juliet out on the hills at the Llagynhafal Loop. Super race with snow to start and some hail but quite hot up the gully. The race has grown by 0.2km which would be ok but its .1 up and down an extra 50m of sting in the tail. Magic run down though, and The Golden Lion serves lovely pint of Thwaites. Big cheer for the marshals who suffered for our sport."

Pictures by SJ Photography.

llangynhafal loop nich bradley 2016 llangynhafal loop juliet edwards 2016

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23/4/16 London Marathon.

Pete Nicholls ran in the London Marathon finishing in 5:35:33. Pete said "that's it no more..."

london marathon pete nicholls 2016
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23/4/16 Moel Wnion.

In the second race of the WFRA North Wales Championship three meirionnydd runners ran in the Moel Wnion fell race, 4.7 miles and 1772ft ascent.

First home was Tristan Evans in 43:54 followed by Jeremy Randell in 45:52 and Nich Bradley in 51:11.

moel wnion tristan evans 2016 moel wnion jeremy randell 2016
moel wnion nich bradley 2016

23/4/16 Goldrush & Canicross.

A total of eleven and a half Meirionnydd runners took part in the events at Coed y Brenin. In the challenging 8.5 miles trail race first MRC home was Dylan Evans claiming 3rd M50 in 1:12:45; followed by Andrew Yates 1:13:44; Steve Loveluck 1:17:46; Anneliese Loveluck 2nd F40 1:18:39; Glyn Rowlands 1:21:54; Peter Barnes 1:34:48; Dai Rice 1:36:26; Kevin Owen 1:42:18; Haydn Fowler 1:47:16 and Jude Evans 1:54:19.

Pictures by Sport Pictures Cymru.

Goldrush 2016

The remaining 1.5 Meirionnydd runners (Sorry buster your the half) were Jaqueline Fowler and Buster in the Goldrush Canicross who finished in 1:39:11.

goldrush cannicross j fowler 2016
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19/4/16 Tuesday night club run.

Club run above Barmouth.

barmouth club run 2016

16/4/16 Cribyn.

Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the first race of WFRA Open WWelsh Championship Y Cribyn.
First home was Jeremy Randell in 1:14:13; followed by Steve Loveluck 1:21:28 and Anneliese Loveluck in 1:27:40.
Jeremy said "What a blooming tough race. Not my best and was I glad to see the finish line."

Pictures by Mynydd du.

Cribyn 2016
cribyn 2016 jeremy randell Cribyn 2016 steve loveluck Cribyn 2016 a loveluck

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16/4/16 Ras y Moelwyn.

Tristan Evans was the sole Meirionnydd runner at this years Ras y Moelwyn. Tristan finished in 1:43:56.
Pictures by Sport pictures Cymru.

ras y moelwyn tristan evans 2016

16/4/16 Hunters Bog Trot.

Nich Bradley said "I Missed the Moelwyns but consolation on the Hunters Bog Trot. Nice little (6k) race. Very friendly. I was hoping for prize for furthest travelled entrant but there was someone from Equador! Happily settled for 1st M60 finishing in 38:13.

Details of race on Website here.

Hunters bog trot nich bradley 2016

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13/4/16 Yeovilton Summer 5K Series.

Jeff Davies ran in the Yeovilton 5k finishing in 20:39.

10/4/16 Up Hill Down Dale 10k Trail Race.

Steffan Owen at the uphilldowndale 10k Trail Race in Rhug. Steffan finished in 56:30..

steffan Owen 2016 uphilldown dale 20k rhug 2016

9/4/16 6th Trail, Portmeirion.

Four Meirionnydd runners ran in the 6th Trail race at Portmeirion. Tom Roberts who finished 2nd in 28:11, said “Great day at the 6th trail race, tough challenging course! Good battle with Dewi Owen who had legs on me just at the end so settled for 2nd.” Following Tom were Graeme Stringer in 40:59; Dave Raybone in 41:06 and Sheila Symonds 1st F80 in 1:32:51.

Pictures by Sport pictures Cymru.

6th trail Tom Roberts 2016
graeme stringer 6th trail 2016 6th trail Dave raybone 2016 6th trail Sheila symonds 2016

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3/4/16 Paris Marathon.

Two entrepid Meirionnydd runners Haydn and Jacqueline Fowler took on the Paris marathon. Haydn in his first Marathon finished in 4:58:26 and Jacqueline in 5:02:07.

Fowlers Paris marathon 2016

26/3/16 Liverpool to Manchester Ultra, L2M Ultra.

A 47 mile Ultra-Marathon following the Trans-Pennine Trail and the River Mersey from Liverpool to Manchester.

Elly Dee ran in the L2M ultra and said about the experience "I ran from Liverpool to Manchester in the L2M Ultra. I know lots of you will want to know all the details, so here's my summary of the day.

Liverpool to Manchester ultra elly dee bling bronze 2016

The route was well marked, and the instructions were great. The Checkpoints were regular, well stocked and there was knowledgeable, genuine, friendly support at each of them. The race organisers managed to be at pretty much every checkpoint between them, plus a few places in between. They were constantly checking that everything was ok with the checkpoints and the route markings (which it was) and getting feedback from us runners. The whole race was so well managed. There were lots of people I knew, some I'd met for the first time, including the race organisers and lots of the supporters. This made everything a lot more personal, cheering me in to checkpoints, even running to meet me at some!

It certainly wasn't the most picturesque route I've run. I've never passed so much junk, old sofas, beds, mirrors, buggies etc just dumped in the bushes at the sides of the path, plus two dumps. We also ran through a few industrial estates (past the Land Rover factory), the occasional unavoidable busy road and under and over a motorway or two.

However, it was good to be near water for a large part of the race, canals and rivers. It was great to see other trail users getting out there and enjoying the outdoors, cyclists, walkers, other (much faster) runners, families. Most that spoke to us thought we were totally mad (I'm aware they may be correct).

It was also good to check off various points and places, which helped me 'chunk' down the race into smaller, more manageable sections (excellent 'chunk' of advice from the wonderfully inspiring Ashley Charlwood - thanks mate, that helped so much).

There was a bit of wildlife spotting...geese, heron, swans, cows. I did see some Osprey information signs...but no Ospreys. There were a fair few parks and even a 'life for life' garden of trees.

As mentioned before, the route was clear, and the instructions, markings and signage were much appreciated in certain places, especially towards the end. One particular part really highlighted the need for having a map (and the ability to use it when you're physically and mentally not at your best and it's chucking it down!) and a copy of the written instructions with you!

Liverpool to Manchester ultra Elly Dee 2016

The weather was kind. The forecast rain did not really arrive until the last 3 miles. We got a good soaking but to be fair, we were past caring by that point. During my first ultra, I found a fuelling technique that works for me. Snack and drink every 5k without fail. If I go any longer, I get grumpy and negative. This didn't happen at all yesterday as I was drinking and snacking every 5k. It also gave us a short walk break every so often, as we realised early on that the flat course was far too run-able and we needed to factor in walk breaks so we had enough in the tank to go the distance.

This also gave me a chance to check in on Facebook and let some supporters know how we were progressing. Seeing everyone's comments was very motivating, particularly the whole of my home parkrun sending a video message! I'm sure some people were fed up of my constant posts, but it helped me get through. I know faster, more serious athletes would not have time for all this, but running for me is about the people and the places, so this all works for me.

Another major motivating factor is finding a running buddy that has the same mindset and a similar pace to you. This is the third race I have run with the wonderful Jilly Davidson, and for me, the best so far! A big thanks to my hubby and boys for carting me around this weekend (a lot of car time!)

In terms of after-effects, I still have 10 toenails, for now. I think they'll be ok as it was pretty flat (downhill always gets my toes!). I have 4 of the biggest blisters I have ever seen, but no broken skin. I'm a bit tender on my back and shoulders from my pack. I'm walking better than I was last night. I've been up and down two flights of the stairs twice this morning without hanging on for dear life! Oh and I can't wait to go out for lunch (apart from getting dressed!).

An absolutely amazing day, I still can't quite believe I actually ran 47 miles and loved pretty much every minute. Bring on the 50!

26/3/16 LLantysilio .

96 runners set off on the 10km/640m Llantysilio fell race. High winds made running the 3km-long ridge tough work, and in particular, the contouring back around Moel y Gamelin, following the 2015 new route.
This was the first race in the 2016 North Wales WFRA Championship details here.

Two meirionnydd runner took part, first home was Jeremy Randell in 1:05:25 followed by Nich Bradley in 1:12:30.

LLantysilio Jeremy Randell 2016 LLantysilio Nich Bradley 2016
LLantysilio 2016
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25/3/16 Chocoholic 5k, Newtown.

Four Meirionnydd runners travelled to Newtown, Powys for the Chocoholics 5k. Once again Maldwyn Harriers put on a great race. They even managed to organise a beautiful sunny day. First home was Tom Roberts 5th place in 17:11. Followed by Andrew Yates in 20:34; Arfon Hughes 21:00 and Graeme Stringer in 24:11.

Photos by Gareth Roberts.

choco 5k Tom Roberts 2016 choco 5k Andrew Yates 2016 choco 5k Arfon Hughes 2016
choco 5k graeme stringer 2016    

20/3/16 Wrekin.

At Telford Athletics Wrekin Fell Race Jeremy Randell was the sole meirionnydd runner finishing in 47:29.

wrekin Jeremy Randell 2016

20/3/16 Thirsk 10m, North Yorkshire.

Jeff Davies took a trip to the far North to run in the Thirsk 10 mile race. He finished in 1:17:31.

19/3/16 Mad dog jog.

Jaqueline Fowler took Buster to completed his first half marathon at forest of dean mad dog jog event. Here they are approaching the finish line.

mad dog jog Jaqueline fowler 2016

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19/3/16, Ras yr Aran, Sponsored by Oen Aran Lamb

Aran start 2016

The weather can often be interesting for the Aran, this year was relatively benign with the ground in excellent condition and just a few snow patches. The wind was light but cold but from the northeast and carried the faint smell of the Oen Aran Lamb sponsors’ burger van at the finish up the hill like scent to trail hounds! 102 runners started with an excellent showing from English clubs making the journey to Meirionnydd.

Mercia’s Gareth Wyn Hughes took and kept an early lead to win in 1:30:44 3 minutes ahead of Karl Steinnegger of Ambleside AC with Dave Lund of Dark Peak 12 seconds behind taking third. In the women's competition Miranda Grant now of Eryri took the honours in 1:43:32 from Sarah Ridgeway (run Snowdonia) who finished in 1:47:30 a minute ahead of Mynydd Du’s Helen Brown. Less than 2 minutes separated the two university based junior men with Robert Parker leading home for Cardiff Uni in 1:58:44. M40 went to John Hunt (Dark Peak) in 1:37:55, Mark Palmer(Mynydd Du) recorded 1:35:10 for M50. Alan Duncan of Bowland FR was first M60 in 2:01:52 and Garry Gunner took M70 in 2:30:25. Sarah and Helen are both F40 but the prize in this category went to Joanne Cliffe with Kate O’Sullivan (Aberystwyth AC) taking the F50 prize.

This race concludes the Meirionnydd winter series of 3 races. This year 8 men and 3 women completed the series. A very consistent Karl Steinnegger defended his last year’s title in a total time of 3:26:33, almost 12 minutes faster than last year, and over 11 minutes ahead of second place Simon Edwards of Buckley Runners. Miranda Grant of Eryri took the Women’s award in 3:59:00 from Katie Beecher who had to pull out of the final race during the descent. The series winners both received half a side of lamb from Mrs Thomas from
Oen Aran Lamb who as well as sponsorship help the Meirionnydd RC with a lot of the local organisation of the race. This year Race HQ moved to the Village Hall providing a much bigger venue, close by the start and with the luxury of showers, and this will likely be a permanent change.

Many thanks to all club members, mountain rescue and volunteers for making the Aran such a success. Sorry for blighting the weather by recommending sun cream the day before! 102 people went home cold, exhausted and very happy. Many thanks to Mal and Mags from
Oen Aran Lamb for their continued support and all the hard work they put in on our behalf with the pre-race organisation and winning the valued support of local landowners.

Aran Results
Winter Series results: here.
Winter series hall of fame: here.

    Club runners ran in Aran race included:
  1. Andrew Yates 2:08:20.
  2. Steve Loveluck 2:09:20.
  3. Anneliese Loveluck 2:14:12.
  4. Glyn Rowlands 2:28:20.
    Club runners in Winter series included:
  1. Andrew Yates 4:23:43.
  2. Steve Loveluck 4:28:20.
  3. Anneliese Loveluck 4:38:39.
  4. Glyn Rowlands 5:02:04.
Aran 2016
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New 13/3/16 Brynkinalt.

New Club member Steffan Owen bringing his new vest home in 47.12 in the Chirk Trail 10k giving him 7th place overall.

Brynkinalt 10k trail Steffan Owen 2016

12/3/16 Maesgwm 10k.

Jeremy Randell ran in the Maesgwm 10k collecting 1st M50 finishing in TBC.

bwlch maesgwm Jeremy Randell 2016

6/3/16 Pipe Dream.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran Pipe Dream.

Well done Jeremy Randell 2nd M50 in 43:04 on a chilly Pipe Dream.
Jeremy said "Blooming tough that one!
Got to the top of the pipe and discovered I couldn't run very well! I managed to fall over just as I was thinking about how I would go over the wobbly stile in front of me - D'oh!
Battled on with help from some friendly runners who spurred me on up to the peak! Once there I had a stern talk to myself and managed to get going. One of the toughest 4 mile runs I've done in a while!
Who'd organise a race eh? The time keeper didn't turn up and the person who was supposed to mark the turn at the top of the pipe didn't so the front runners went the wrong way!"

Nich Bradley said "I was pushed out of the the first half of the field and M60s finishing 4th M60 in 48:44 a new PB for this race. The size of the steps seems to get bigger each year! I lost about 3 places along the pipe so trying hard to get a position on the pipe seemed to work but after that it was a lonely race. The descent through the wood was the slippiest yet and I settled for intact knees rather than try to catch up the couple 100yards ahead.

First outing for the New Club Vest but sadly my bum bag hid most of the sun, suspect bling vests are more of a road thing!.

Pictures by SJ Photography:

Pipe dream Jeremy Randell 2016 pipe dream Nich Bradley 2016  

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March Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #7:
1st Tom Roberts 18:13; Ricky Francis 21:06; Arfon Hughes 21:42; Dai Rice 26:32; and Mpho Bogatsu 30:02.

Dolgellau #6:
Clive Edgington 20:37; Dai Rice 26:32; and Mpho Bogatsu 30:02.
Cardiff #429:Branwen Rhys Dafydd 27:46 and Sioned Mair Jones 27:49.

Dolgellau #5:
1st Clive Edgington 20:39; Arfon Hughes 21:46; Nich Bradley 22:33; Dai Rice 26:55; Sioned Mair Jones 27:44 and Mpho Bogatsu 30:13.
Chipping Sodbury #104: Jeff Davies 21:11.

Dolgellau #4:
1st Tom Roberts 18:13; Arfon Hughes 21:59; Branwen Rhys Dafydd 25:45; Dai Rice 27:30 and Sioned Mair Jones 28:08.
Bryn Bach #181: Jeff Davies 22:20.

Some parkrun photos:

March parkrun dol Tom Roberts 2016 March parkrun dol Ricky Francis 2016 march parkrun dol 2016 Clive edgington

28/2/16, Rhuthin 10k.

Jeremy Randell ran in the Ruthin 10k today finishing 6th overall, 1st M50 in 39:36.
Jeremy said "A great course around the local country lanes. Bespoke fitness also organised some perfect weather too!."

Full results can be seen here.

27/2/16, Welsh National and Masters Cross Country Champs.

Clive Edgington travelled down to Singleton Park, Swansea for the Welsh National Cross Country Champs.
Clive said " it was a nice bright sunny day with a stiff cold wind. Course was very muddy, although quite dry, the mud was very deep in places and quite sapping on the legs.
I finished 109th in the National and 7th M55 in the Welsh Masters XC champs.

Full results can be seen here.

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21/2/16, Rhyl 10.

Two meirionnydd runners ran in the Rhyl 10 mile race. First home was Andrew Yates in 1:12:56 followed by Sheila Symonds who finished 1st W60 in 2:46:56.

13/2/16 Barcelona Half Marathon.

Four Meirionnydd runners travelled, with support team, to Barcelona for the Barcelona Half Marathon.

  1. Tom Roberts 1:14:46
  2. Nich Bradley 1:41:04
  3. Juliet Edwards 1:53:12
  4. Mpho Bogatu 2:06:38
Barcelona half Tom Roberts 2016 Barcelona half Tom and Mpho 2016

13/2/16 Moel y Ci.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran at Moel y ci.
First home was Alan Jones in 45:55 and Elfyn Hughes in 50:20.

Pictures by Sport pictures Cymru.

moel y ci Alan Jones 2016 moel y ci Elfyn Hughes 2 2016

7/2/16 Alsager 5.

Jeff Davis was the only Meirionnydd runner in the Alsager 5. Jedff finished in 35:44 claiming 1st M65.

Alsager 5 Jeff Davies 2016

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6/2/16 North Wales Cross Country League, Oswestry.

At the final race in the North Wales Cross Country Leage Meironnydd fielded a full team. This seasons races have all tended to be on the wet side and Oswestry didn't disapoint. Two and a half circults around the fields and the season was over.
Thanks to the efforts to all who turned out this season Meirionnydd have managed to stay in the 1st Division.
Congratulations to the following on being placed in the Seasons Championship:

Good luck training for next year, we need as many runners out at each race.
Results were as follows:

    The updated scores for Division One are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury AAC, 536
  2. Oswestry Olympians AAC, 794
  3. Eryri Harriers, 1,240
  4. Buckley RC, 1,450
  5. Meirionnydd RC, 2,030
  6. Tattenhall Runners, 2,203
  7. Deeside AAC, 2,372
  8. Bangor University AAC, 2,372
  9. Bangor University AAC, No show so out of the running.

Photos by NeeNee LJ.

NWXC Oswestry Tom Roberts 2016 NWXC Oswestry Jeremy Ramdell 2016 NWXC Oswestry Andrew Yates 2016
NWXC Oswestry Ricky Francis 2016 NWXC Oswestry Clive Edgington 2016 NWXC Oswestry Arfon Hughes 2016

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February Parkrun.

Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #3:
Ricky Francis 20:58; Arfon Hughes 22:25; Nich Bradley 22:37; Frankie Vaughan 25:04; Dai Rice 26:52 and Katie Bailey 27:04.

Dolgellau #2:
Clive Edgington 21:57; Arfon Hughes 23:18; Nich Bradley 24:36; Branwen Rhys Dafydd 26:06; Frankie Vaughan 26:55; Peter Barnes 27:34 and Dai Rice 29:03.

Swindon #292: Jeff Davies 22:06.

Dolgellau #1:
Clive Edgington 21:32; Arfon Hughes 22:24; Branwen Rhys Dafydd 26:45; Frankie Vaughan 26:17 and Sheila Symonds 48:42.

Dolgellau Parkrun Feb 2016
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30/1/16, Club Dinner & Award ceremony 2015.

Meirionnydd running club celebrated its 10th anniversary with a dinner and ceremony at the Royal Ship Hotel in Dolgellau. Members were treated to an excellent meal and had the opportunity to reminisce on ten years, which has seen so many new runners develop in the local area.

Over the years Club members have achieved Honours including individuals winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the North Wales Fell Runners Open Championship, the men’s cross country team climbing the divisions to win the North Wales Cross Country League and runners attaining National Caps representing Wales in International competitions.

Awards were presented on the evening for the best performances in 2015 and the raffle money was donated to Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue Team.

MRC 2015 Trophies were awarded to the following:
Billy Goat. Nanny Goat.
Jeremy Randell 2015 Elly Dee 2015
Sheilah Vaughan Trophy. Runners runner.
Mpho Bogatu 2015 Pete Nicholls 2015

A big thank you to all the runners and volunters for all your efforts and kindly donating your time over the years.
Photos above by Rod Davies.

30/1/16, Wales Cross Country Championship.

Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the Welsh Athletics Wales Cross Country Championship held in the grounds of Rhug estate.

Sioned Jones finished finished 1st in F35 in 34:31.
Clive Edgington finished 3rd M55 in 46:20.
Tom Roberts ran finished 4th in 37:28.

Photos by Gareth Roberts:

Sioned Jones NXCC champs rhug 2016 Clive Edgington NXCC champs rhug 2016 Tom Roberts NXCC champs rhug 2016

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30/1/16 Tarren hendre fell race.

Tarren Hendre Tony Hodgson 2016

The race was won by Owen Roberts from Eryri harriers who finished in 55:03.

And the first woman was Miranda Grant from Hunters Bog Trotters who finished in 1:02:57.

Tarren Hendre winner 2016 Owen Roberts Tarren 2016 first woman

Despite last minute hitch with the registration venue and after race watering hole, The Railway Inn closing this week. We managed to find an excellent alternative venue, the village hall. Our thank go to the hall and cafe for their help.
We would also like to help all the volunteers who gave up their time to help on the day, Thank you.
Results 2016: here.

Tweleve Meirionnydd runners ran the race finishing in:

  1. Trystan Edwards 1:00:34.
  2. Jeremy Randell 1:03:12.
  3. Alan Jones 1:05:55.
  4. Andrew Yates 1:08:21.
  5. Elfyn Hughes 1:08:32.
  6. Dylan Evans 1:08:38.
  7. Ricky Francis 1:11:34.
  8. Glyn Rowlands 1:16:40.
  9. Juliet Edwards 1:21:52.
  10. Tony Hodgson 1:23:00.
  11. Kevin Evans 1:27:32.
  12. Dai Rice 1:29:51.

Pictures by Dan Wyre Photography.
Snaps by Meirionnydd running club: here.

Tarren 2016 Trystan Edwards Tarren 2016 Jeremy Randell Tarren 2016 Alan Jones
Tarren 2016 Andrew Yates Tarren 2016 Elfyn Hughes Tarren 2016 Dylan Evans
Tarren 2016 Ricky Francis Tarren 2016 Glyn Rowlands Tarren 2016 Juliet Edwards
Tarren 2016 Tony Hodgson Tarren 2016 Kevin Evans Tarren 2016 Dai Rice

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January, Parkrun.

Jeff Davies:
Swindon parkrun # 288, finishing in 22:01.

23/1/16 Twin Piers 10k.

Jeremy Randell finished in 38:39 to claim both 2nd M50 in the race and New M50 club record.

23/1/16 Winter Trail Half marathon.

Three Meirionnydd runners joined 500 other runners in the Buff Winter Trail Half marathon at Coed y Brenin.
Photos by Sport Pictures Wales. Results were as follows:

Winter trail Kevin Owen 2016 Winter trail Jude Evans 2016 Winter trail Jacqueline Fowler 2016

17/1/16 Four Villages half marathon.

Well done Jeremy for completing the Four Villages Half marathon the day after competing in the cross country. Jeremy finished in 01:26:47.

Jeremy Randell Four villages HM 2016

16/1/16 North Wales Cross Country League, Baschurch.

At the fourth race in the North Wales Cross Country Leage once again Meirionnydd fielded a full team. The race was around the ground of Walford College and proved to be wet and very muddy. Results were as follows:

Baschurch NWXC 2016

With one more meeting in the league to go, Oswestry on the 6th of February with another full team turn out we should stay in div 1
The updated scores for Division One are as follows:

  1. Shrewsbury AAC, 479
  2. Oswestry Olympians AAC, 683
  3. Eryri Harriers, 816
  4. Buckley RC, 1,162
  5. Meirionnydd RC, 1,626
  6. Deeside AAC, 1,725
  7. Tattenhall Runners, 1,946
  8. Bangor University AAC, No show so out of the running.

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