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5/11/2016 - Rhobell fawr Fell race.

Rhobell fawr

Tuesday, Club Runs.
Summer season runs start from 5th April. Runs will start from various locations around Meirionnydd. Link has details of meeting place & times: Timetable here.

Thursday, Run Coed y Brenin.
Runs commence from the running shop on a Thursday night at 6:30pm.
During the lighter evenings in the spring and summer months the runs go up to 2 hours in length for those that want that little longer mid-week run and visit some of the more technical and challenging routes, oh and we keep the Strava theme in there to help you gauge your progress throughout the year.
During winter runs require a good head torch and kit that is suitable for the weather and conditions. Typically these runs are of around 6 miles, stay to the well defined tracks, and every now and again are hill or speed sessions.
Details here: Here.

Saturday, Dolgellau Parkrun.
Parkrun every Saturday at 9am.
Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.
These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; everone is welcome to come along.
Details here: Here.

Meirionnydd Running Club organised races:
Rhobell fawr on Saturday 5th November 2016.
Tarren Hendre in January 2017.
Ras yr Aran in March 2017.
Dolgellau 5 in July 2017.
For further details click: here.

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Newyddion / News.

August Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Swindon #316:
Jeff Davies 21:48.
Harborough #71: Ben Wells 23:19.
Penrhyn #90: Tom Roberts 1st 16:39.

Gnoll #41:
Jeff Davies 22:23.

Penrhyn #88:
Tom Roberts 1st 17:11.
Dolgellau #27: Ben Wells 24:06 & Sioned Mair Jones 28:25.

Dolgellau #26:
1st Tom Roberts 17:11.
Edinburgh #353: Nich Bradley 21:28.

24/8/16 Cnicht.

Nich said "Great race up Cnicht yesterday. It was quite slippy on the rocks after the previous night's rain but it stayed dry if misty and was very atmospheric. I was 2nd M60 in 54:58 a good 4 minutes behind a Mercia runner whose prize I was mistakenly awarded (got to keep as second M60 this time:-), Tristan and Jeremy needless to say were considerably faster as was Ifan, who it was good to see back on the fells and was leading when he passed me but was narrowly beaten by a NWRR chap."
Tristan Evans:TBC
Jeremy Randell:TBC
Nich Bradley: 54:58.

24/8/16 Caernarfon 5k.

caernarfon 5k 2016

Four Meirionnydd runners participated in the Caernarfon 5k. The race Winner in 1st place was Tom Roberts in a time of 16:13. He was followed home by Nich Bradley in 21:35; Greame Stringer in 23:14 and Rob Thomas in 31:14.

Photos by Gareth Roberts.

caernarfon 5k 2016 2

20/8/16 Run to the Castle.

Run to the Castle 2016

When I did this race, as my first ultra distance, in December, the conditions weren't great. I was on my own pretty much all day and I bailed at CP4. I'd run further and longer than I ever had before. When I turned up at the finish, in the car, Denzil still gave me a medal. He said I'd earned it. I was really pleased, but felt I needed to complete the race myself.

So I signed up for the summer version, and did a couple reccies of particular parts with Sandra, who'd completed the race last summer. I'd also managed to rope in first Jilly and then Sue to run with me, hoping that good company, daylight and route confidence would help me through.
It did. Sue and Jilly were the awesome race buddies. Sue's longest race, her first end to end ultra, with a sore knee to contend with too, proved that she is truly hard as nails (as if we didn't know that already). Jilly is the ultra queen, I always know I'm going to have a good run with Jilly, and hope that I at least manage to keep her entertained along the way!

The forecast was horrendous, 50mph winds, rain etc. However, it wasn't horrendous. My waterproof was on and off, I wasn't cold and the wind felt more a help than a hindrance for sizeable sections of the race, depending which way we were heading.

The sea was very lively at the start, I was thigh deep in the sea before the first mile was complete, skirting along the tideline. Twywn prom provided a relief from the sand and pebbles, but not the wet feet. Dodging crashing waves through a particularly wild section.

The inland section took us to CP1 to meet Denzil again, before heading back out to the shore on the road against the wind and up the hill. This section saw a surprise appearance from the lovely Sue Bonsall, with Ceri B and friends, off on a walk. Sue reminded me that we'd also bumped into each other towards the end of my recce of the first half!!
I was glad of my experience once we got onto the off road section on the hill, the group just in front of us made the same mistake is made in December, so we caught up some ground for a short time. We felt good at CP2 in Llwyngwril, quite a few people were there, a morale-boosting contrast to December, when I was completely on my own.

Soon we'd negotiated the big hill, and found the correct way down (helping others in front of us who'd miss the turn!!) to see Paula on the way down and Christine and Kevin (armed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - my absolute favourite). Chris and Kev ran with us through Fairbourne and along the dyke.

We slowly made our way across Barmouth Bridge in the wind. I've been over that bridge a fair few times, not many that windy. A change of socks thanks to Olly and Harry bringing our bags down, just missing the rain shower that greeted us before we'd run down the harbour.

After CP3 at the other end of Barmouth prom, we kept on plodding on along the road and through the fields and caravan parks (again, much easier in daylight, with company and with practice). The Wales Coast path gas recently changed at this point. We found some of it, but still ended up on the old bit for a while. Something to check out at a later date.
It was great to get to CP4 to see Katy knowing that wasn't where I was finishing this time (she'd locked the car anyway), and onto beach number 2 to Shell Island. After this it got tough for me, my feet hurt and I didn't even think about fuelling. Not eating or drinking regularly on a long run makes me grumpy and negative, and this lasted for a mile or so.
The steps down to Harlech beach almost broke me, and clambering over the rocks at the bottom did not agree with my poor painful feet. However, as soon as we paddled through the incoming tide and got onto the large expanse of flat sand, I was ok. I knew we were almost done and my mood lifted. The three of us sang most of the way up the road to the finish.
An awesome day, a tough race, quite challenging (but not horrendous) conditions, great support and lovely company.

Elly finished in 12:11:18.

20/8/16 Race the train, Tywyn.

Six Meirionnydd runners ran in the Race the train races at Tywyn in the Rotary Challenge (14 miles) the first home was: Alex lanz 1:30:50 followed by:
Steve Loveluck 1:56:54
Anneliese Loveluck 1:59:05
Dylan Evans 2:01:56
Jude Evans 2:45:49

In the Quarry challenge (10k) Ben Wells finished in 57:04.

race the train 2016 ben wells

19/8/16 Maldwy trail race .

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the Neil Howells Memorial race, described as a scenic and multi-terrain 4.5 mile race beginning at the Montgomery Show Ground, up to and around the Castle and finishing in front of the Town Hall.
This race is organised by Maldwyn Harriers.

Tom Roberts finished in 2nd place in a time of 28:04 and Greame Stringer in 40:48.

neil howells tom roberts 2016 neil howells greame stringer 2016

10/8/16 Yeovilton 5k.

Jeff Davies ran in the Yeovilton 5k finishing in 20:46 claiming 1st age cat.

3/8/16 Ponderosa Fell race.

Tristan Evans went along to the ponderosa fell race finishing in a time of 29.13, 1 minute faster than last year.

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